What’s Inclusion?

One of the questions we always ask is what is inclusion?

Today Ari played in his first golf match – well, actually it wasn’t an official match, but it was close enough. Ari is a member of the school golf team. He can play, not well enough to play in regular matches, but to legitimately make the team. This year they added some younger players so that next year they can have a girls and boys team, so today this second group got to play in a match. We don’t get to watch, which is good. Ari seems to enjoy himself and I would see it through my eyes – is anyone talking with him? (usually yes), is he talking to anyone? (only if talked to), will he try to keep score (probably not)…will the other team understand (most likely). So, is this what inclusion looks like? I think so. It is good enough for me.



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