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Why this Blog? I have always liked to wander. Years ago, with four small children at home, a house cluttered with stuff, a part-time job, and a hardworking husband, free time was in short supply. A trip to the grocery store was my best escape for a bit of calm. I enjoyed wandering through the aisles looking for inspiration for a Shabbat dinner, turning bottles to see if the soy sauce or curry paste had a hidden kosher symbol. More often than not, the elusive hechsher (kosher symbol) was nowhere to be found, but every once in awhile I would strike gold and have something new to play with.

I love cooking for people. I like the whole experience from reading cooking magazines for inspiration, shopping for the right fruit or odd flour, cutting herbs from the garden, chopping the vegetables, grilling the meat. I love thinking about whether I really can combine peaches with arugula and should I add nuts. I love the smell in my house of baking challah or chicken soup. I love feeding people who have worked hard all week and need Shabbat to relax and laugh- who deserve to be at the same table as the Sabbath bride. I love to feed people’s souls with food that has been prepared especially for them. Food challenges get my creative juices going.

Now that our children are grown and most are out of the house, I have more of that elusive free time. I still enjoy wandering through grocery store aisles looking for that new product and want to share my findings with you. Maybe it is just the thing you were looking for to make that Thai hot and sour soup or gluten-free brownies or grilled cheese sandwich. Along the way I will share my love of cooking, parenting, and creating community.