Missing my kids, missing Israel

This was my falafeIMG_20160229_131630788_HDRl from our second son’s favorite falafel place in Ra’anana. It was wonderful – warm, crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. On our recent trip to Israel, we were in Ra’anana to meet old friends our son reconnected with when he was in ulpan with Garin Tzabar over the summer. Tomorrow is Shabbat and I am still working on my menus.  Although I could bring home the taste of Israel, hummus with preserved lemons, hummus with mushrooms, warm hummus  with tehina (ok, we became obsessed with hummus), I couldn’t bring our children home. We have two living there. On Shabbat, more than most days,  I miss our three children who don’t live at home. Each is doing what he/she needs to be doing – but, or is it so, I give myself permission to miss them.

And yes, there will be hummus with preserved lemon for this week’s Shabbat lunch. I make the hummus and tehina recipe from Michael Solomonov. I made some preserved lemons a while ago. I throw some of the lemon in when I ground the chickpeas and then chop some of the peel  to sprinkle on top of the tehina when I serve it. (Someday I will remember to do this before Shabbat so I can take a picture.)

Shabbat shalom.

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